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How to Choose the Best Anchor For Your Boat

If you need an anchor for your boat but you're unsure which one to buy, look no further. This is your guide on how to choose the best anchor for your boat.

Boating is more than a hobby for the majority of folks that own a boat. It's a lifestyle that involves getting out on the water, and taking time to reconnect with nature.

If you've already found the perfect boat, you want to make sure you're able to stop anywhere in the water without a problem. You need the best anchor, one that works for the size of your boat and meets your needs.

Learn more about how you can find the right anchor for your boat, no matter how big or small it is, allowing your to drift out to sea (or the lake) and stop wherever you need to.

Consider the Body of Water You Boat in the Most

When going out boating, you need to think about what body of water your boat goes in the most. The ocean or a calm lakefront?

While the ocean is big and it's easy enough to get lost, boating on lakes and rivers bring their own set of challenges, too. You'll need to be careful for things like:

  • Rough water
  • Unmarked problem areas
  • Blind spots in curved areas
  • Commercial traffic if you live in a tourist area

When considering what type of anchor to buy, keep these factors in mind. You'll feel better knowing what challenges are ahead and have confidence that you've picked the right anchor for your boating needs.

Understand the Different Types of Anchors

If you're trying to pick out anchors, there's a variety of possibilities on the market. Once you've determined the type of water you plan to spend most of your time boating in, pick an anchor that works best for that body of water.

Some of the anchors out there include:

  • Mushroom, good for long-term docking
  • Claw, ideal for almost any conditions
  • Delta, easy to deploy from most bow rollers
  • Fluke, perfect for mud and sand

If you choose to boat in more than one body of water, know that there's a chance you'll have to invest in two different types of boat anchors. By having the right tools to make your boating trip a success, you'll never worry about getting caught off guard.

Think About the Size of Your Boat to Determine the Best Anchor

Now that you've narrowed down where you're boating to and the types of anchors best for those conditions, it's time to assess the size of your boat. This is important to help you figure out how much weight you'll need on your anchor.

You'll need to figure out the size of the boat and the purpose of the anchor. Are you looking to use a working anchor or a storm anchor?

Use a helpful chart to determine what your needs are, and what the best anchor is based on the boat's weight.

Learn More

When you're getting ready to go boating, it's important to have the right type of tools to ensure your trip is a success. Pick the best anchor based on your boat's needs, and you won't feel disappointed.

If you're looking for more information on having a productive boating trip, check out our blog and discover how you can stay connected to your boat. You'll feel empowered no matter where you journey to on the water.

30th Jun 2018 Bobby Matos

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