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The 5 Best Marine Speakers Every Boat Owner Should Have

The 5 Best Marine Speakers Every Boat Owner Should Have

Researchers claim that listening to music influences your brain to pay more attention. Get the best marine speakers to boost your boating experience.

Music can improve depression and relieve anxiety. Having speakers on your boat will enhance the quality of your marine adventures.

Be sure to grab the 1 of the 5 following speakers for your boat:

1. Best Marine Speakers: Fusion FR6022

The Fusion FR6022 is known for its audio quality. Fusion is one of the only companies that specializes in marine audio.

These speakers have a power handling level of 100 watts.

You can turn the speakers up higher due to its ability to handle more power. Customers are pleased with the Fusion FR6022's volume levels and durability. They're weatherproof and capable of enduring marine conditions.

Overall, these speakers are average in efficiency. People have complained that this speaker has a narrow frequency range.

2. Wet Sounds XS-65ic-RGB

The Wet Sounds XS-65ic-RGB speakers have multi-color LED lights that shine off the woofer. They're perfect for boat parties.

These speakers have good audio quality, but they're not good at converting power into volume. However, they also have low sensitivity and poor power handling capabilities.

These Wet Sounds speakers also come with a remote control that allows you to change the light colors. The LED lights are built into a coaxial bridge that straddles across the woofer.

3. Polk Audio DB521 5.25-Inch Coaxial Speakers

The Polk Audio DB521 5.25-Inch Coaxial speakers are 5.25-inches and 2-way marine certified.

The Polk Audio DB521 automatically generates the correct levels of bass, mid, and treble for whatever music you're listening to.

These speakers combined have a power handling level of 275 watts. This product is great if you have to hear your music over the boat engine. The 0.75-inch liquid-cooled Silk-Polymer Dome tweeter and the Mica Cone woofer deliver you a high quality bass.

Durable butyl rubber surrounds these marine speakers, making them one of the best waterproof speakers for boats and more bass-friendly than other speakers. They're also resistant to UV, dirt, salt, and humidity.

4. The Boss Audio MR50W Speakers

The Boss Audio MR50W speakers are among the most durable you'll ever find. These speakers are covered in a special coating that protects them from UV rays, fog, rain, and corrosion.

These Boss marine speakers come with polypropylene woofer cone that has a treated cloth surround, making them more durable and pleasant to listen to.

Warning: These marine speakers are water resistant, but not waterproof.

The speakers can handle 150 watts (75 watts per speaker), making their volume levels a force to be reckoned with.

Plus, these marine speakers are affordable.

5. Pyle Dual 6.5" Waterproof Marine Speakers

The Pyle Dual 6.5" Waterproof Marine Speakers can handle 150 watts. This is a waterproof boat speaker, so you don't have to worry about getting them wet.

These speakers come with dual cone full range stereo sound reproduction that makes your music sound better than ever. They also come with a mounting hardware and speaker wire.

Operating with a frequency of 45Hz - 16,000Hz, these marine speakers come with a 20 oz magnet that improves the quality of the sound.

Get The Best Speakers For Your Boat

Music releases endorphins, a brain chemical that makes us feel good. Get an extra endorphin rush with the best marine speakers.

Music has stress-relieving abilities, which makes it easier for you to drive your boat while listening to music. Marine speakers will only make your life better.

Drop your anchor and look at more boating equipment. It'll change your life.

31st Oct 2018

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